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About Us

About Haslet Elementary School

Haslet Elementary School serves families in the southcentral portion of Northwest ISD, where it is known for providing students with a positive learning environment that will prepare them for life.

The school is named after the town it resides in, which itself was settled in 1882 by Charles L. Maloney. When the Santa Fe Railroad company asked to create a new track in his property, Mr. Maloney originally said no; he later changed his mind after his wife said the railway may be convenient. The railroad contractor, Joel C. Harmmond, was from Haslet, Michigan, but said the name was fitting as Mr. Maloney “has let” Santa Fe Railroad use his property.

At Haslet, students are encouraged to use their curiosity to become lifelong learners. Teachers provide engaging experiences to foster that curiosity, and students are expected to lead their own paths.

Haslet students enjoy several extracurricular activities, including an Art club, Choir, Running club, and Ultimate Book Challenge . Students and community members view the school as a central hub, where events are regularly hosted to highlight student skills and talents.

Established: 1992
Mascot: Eagles
Colors: Red, White and Blue

School Chant:  At Haslet Elementary, a leader knows the way, goes the way, shows the way.  Haslet eagles leading the way!  We are respectful, responsible, and safe!