The Naming of Haslet

Charles L. Maloney, 96, a native of Ireland and resident of the Haslet community since 1882, died in 1938. Mr. Maloney came to the Blue Mound area in 1882 with his brother-in-law, H.C. Hurley, of Ft. Worth. They bought a barren tract of land 15 miles north of Ft. Worth, the present site of Haslet. Mr. Maloney began raising shorthorn Durham cattle. He had one of the first herds in this county.

The Santa Fe Railroad representative came to the Maloney ranch seeking right-of-way for the railroad. Mr. Maloney told them to let the wheels of progress roll across someone else's property. Later, Mrs. Maloney said it would be nice to be able to ride the train into Fort Worth. Mr. Maloney saddled up his horse and rode down to the railroad. He told the workmen they could go through. One man asked what he had said. "He has let us go through." Joel C. Harmmond, the railroad contractor for the Guild, Colorado & Santa Fe, was from Haslett, Michigan. "We'll name this stop Haslet," he said. The settlers in the area and the railroad works gave credit of the name to Mr. Maloney. Has let the railroad come through, the year 1886.


Story told by old settlers and Mrs. Joyce Hudnall Sparks
Information from scrapbook made for the
100th Anniversary of Haslet, Texas