The School History

About 1872, there were two or three families who lived in the vicinity of Haslet, but there were not enough children in the community to form a school. It was not until seven years later that a school building was erected.

The year 1879 was an election year, and the people in the community took advantage of the candidates by having them donate money to the community for the purpose of building a schoolhouse. By the end of the political campaign, Mr. C. F. Mitchell and probably one other person who had been selected as a committee to raise funds to erect a building had secured about $150.00, which was immediately spent to erect a building.

The school was called the Blue Mound School, which later became known as Haslet. Miss Lizzie Curtis was the first teacher in this building. A year or two prior to this, Miss Alice Curtis taught a school in the home of one of the citizens of the community. About seven years later, the building was placed on wagons and moved about one-half mile northward to the present site of the Haslet School Building.


Information from Mr. and Mrs. C.E. Mitchell
Archived in the scrapbook made for the

100th Anniversary of Haslet, Texas