Drop Off / Pick-Up Procedures

Student Arrivals:

All students, Kindergarten - 5th grade will enter the school through the front entrance. Students will be able to enter the building at 7:20 am. Faculty members will be present to direct your child into the building. 

Student Dismissals:

Bus students are dismissed first through the South end of the building. Kindergarten and 1st Grade car riders are also dismissed from the south end of the building, unless they have an older sibling (brother/sister) at Haslet. To pick up your child(ren), please form two car lines behind the buses. Faculty members will assist loading children into your vehicle.
2nd-5th grade students, and KG-1st grade students with older siblings are dismissed at the front entrance. Please form two lines for pick-up and play close attention to the staff member directing traffic. As children are loaded into your cars, they will alert you when it is safe to advance. All parents picking up children by car are requested to display the pick-up tags that have been provided. If you need an additional tag, please request one in the office.